Start Up

Looking for deals for investing in companies by Venture Capitalists or Private Equity Fund requires a lot of time and effort however managing managing them in a particular company should not be tedious one. This is very critical as the money has already been put in and time is invested. We at Finalyzer believe in having a hassle free drive for that by being a backbone of venture capital fund and/or private equity fund (commonly here refer as ‘Fund’). In our 8 years experience in the industry we have been with fund through its all stages i.e. from fund raising, sourcing the deals, investing in deal, exiting from deal and distribution. We love being your support so that your risks of Compliances , Accounting and Taxation are mitigated. We assist in your growth so that you do your best while we do the rest.


To create a better everyday life for the world’s leading organisations and governments by providing customized advisory services and solutions.


To provide effective and speedy customized solutions to businesses by providing robust & dynamic strategies thus improving profitability and efficiency of an organisation.


Our company’s philosophy is entirely client centric with a sharp focus on providing long term benefits to our clients and maintaining long standing relationships with them.


Integrity : Never Compromise, Trust : Never Break, Analytical Rigour : Never Leave, Collaboration : Always Teamwork, Commitment : Always 100%, Innovation: Always Change, Execution : Always Deliver.

The Big Picture

It is good to get a bird's eye view on your business but on your Finance?
We believe the only way to go is up. Look up. Think big.

Why We Exist?

The complexity of financial management in a business can be a challenge to organizations of all sizes. From sorting through realms of data to analysing the numbers involved, from understanding and adjusting the hidden costs in your system to minimizing the risk, we provide complete financial services. We are intimately familiar with the basic need of any successful enterprise – save money and maximize profits

Who Do We Service?

We provide consulting services to companies with diversified portfolios to explore opportunities by maximizing revenue and minimizing risks. In all our endeavours, we maintain the highest standards of excellence, transparency, ethics, and professionalism.

Customized Solutions

Being a start-up ourselves, we understand the nuances and challenges faced by other start-ups. We think of ourselves as partners in your journey, who help you succeed by offering cost effective services and customized innovative solutions. Our Small Businesses division handles the entire backend for you so that you focus on doing what you do best without worrying about processes. After all, it is only when ideas blossom that companies grow.

Giving Meaning To Numbers

At Finalyzer, we don’t believe in second chances. We believe in getting it right the very first time. We understand the needs of the customer and offer focused solutions that are specifically designed for them. Our defining trait is our ability to convert data and information into expert judgements across a wide range of domains, with deep expertise and complete objectivity.

Keeping you focused

External Factors and Financial Environment resulting in ambiguity?
Leave them to us, while you focus on your core business.

Get help when you need it.

Do you feel confused and isolated while taking a financial decision?
Look no further. We are here to advice and guide you through it.

Attention to detail

We dive deep and focus on the problem. Our solutions come from accurate and in dept research.

Exploring the Unknown

Dont feel alone when the road less travelled is taken.
We will Guide and Support you on every turn of your challenging and dynamically evolving journey


Dont feel alone when the road less travelled is taken.
We will Guide and Support you on every turn of your challenging and dynamically evolving journey



Analyze, Calculatize, Finalyze

Customized CFO Services

A complete package wherein we work for you and your business. Leave your needs and worries in our hands and we will offer you a hassle-free outsourced CFO Service.

Book Keeping

Healthy book keeping is the base to any business. All the processes and procedures of a company are based on book keeping. We understand that not only is this the most important aspect of your company’s regular functioning, but is also considered to be the most stressful aspect by most companies especially startups. However, this is our passion and we ensure that everything is synced to relevant accounting standards legally.


We help you design a tax favourable process so as to keep both, you and your employees, happy. This allows you to escape the worries of payroll management and your employees receive a boost in motivation

Petty Cash Management

Petty cash can easily amount up to a significant chunk of your expenses. Most start-ups end up spending a lot on petty cash and also resources in its management. When managed well, these resources and money, can otherwise be used for the company’s growth and expansion.

Accounts Payable Management

As your business grows, the complexity at various levels increases. We set up processes that are robust and customized to your needs, which will cope with the additional requirement of the system. Understanding the payment cycle in detail and scheduling of automatic payments relieves a lot of stress and saves a lot of money

Financial Statements preparations under regulations

As per the regulations, a company’s financial statements must adhere to the established norms. Our experts have extensive experience in the preparation of financial statements and they execute each job with fine accuracy.

Cash Flow Management

We help you set standard processes.But what about the money? When does it come in and where does is go?
Often the inflow and outflow do not match due to various factors and investing them at apt opportunities (i.e. in business or outside) is the question of the hour. We work very closely with you so as to create an optimum cash flow across the organisation structure and minimize your receivable-payable mismatch. Your growth is our only priority.

Accounting Administration

We provide services like cheque preparation, invoice creation, filing of documents and being compliant.

Tax Payment & Filing of Returns

We assist start-ups, SMEs, andmultinationals with effective management of their local and foreign taxes so as to suit their business operations. While some consider this a challenge, we find it to be quite rewarding.
We at Finalyzer, provide assistance on a wide range of direct and indirect taxations – not limited to TDS, Service Tax, Value Added Tax, and Professional Tax.

ECB Structuring & Hedging Techniques

The important aspect of ECB Structuring is to provide low cost borrowings in meeting the fund requirements of the corporates. ECB acts as an additional source of financing for expanding the existing capacity as well as for fresh investments. We understand our clients’ diversified businesses, their operations and the factors impacting their wealth. Our customized risk approach techniques find a solution to hedge your foreign exchange denominated loan which reduces the cost of funding. Our team tracks all the market news, important indicators and the factors that influence the currency movements.
Some companies are unaware that their business is impacted by foreign currency movement which also affects their competitive position in the market. Small companies remain completely hedged or unhedged depending upon their decisions on the volatility of the currency fluctuations. We consult our clients to take effective decisions based on their business profile, risk taking ability and market conditions.

Syndication & Structured Finance

Structured & Syndicated Finance provides flexible and customized financing solutions for strategic projects. We help you structure complex financing which includes cash-flow based acquisition financing, expansions, project financing or real estate financing and syndicated loans. We have a team that specialises in these services.

Bank Charges Consulting

Bank charges these days are changing at a very fast pace and they vary with the bank. We guide you in the current dynamic environment and even represent your company to negotiate the banking charges which are levied to fund and non-fund services offered by the bank.Wealso evaluate the interest rate arbitrage between long term ECBs and term loans.

FX Consulting & Treasury Audit

We provide you with daily updates on the FX market and help you with treasury audits. A Treasury Audit highlights the gaps which should be addressed while managing Forex Risk. Thus it helps to analyse your position and manage your Foreign Exchange Risk

Risk Management &Treasury Outsourcing

Some businesses do not have the expertise to be online and monitor global events. We offer you Risk Management services like formulating a Risk Management Policy so as to have a compliant and stress free environment. With our Treasury outsourcing, we manage the complete treasury of your company. We have regular meetings with the management to highlight and showcase the complete picture of current position. Our custom cloud-based monitoring platform allows you to track the position of your company in real-time, even on the go.


Research is the backbone of any form of consulting. We provide a range of research solutions like macro-economic factors, feasibility study, fundamental analysis, technical viability and market demand analysis. We also offer customised research report service which is provided on a daily basis coupled with a weekly roundup.

Technology Based Solution

24 hours, 365 days, you are online everywhere, every time, and on every device. We guide you with technology based offering for market rates which are real time.


The biggest challenge for any established entrepreneur is to manage his business through a separate legal entity. We ensure that the two entities, the individual and the business, are different and it enables you to bring on investors who can help grow the business. We can help you incorporate entities which are as under:
- Private Limited company
- Public Limited Company
- Limited Liability Partnership

Trademark Registration

Businesses work for years to build goodwill, brand and create a reputation for themselves. Trademarking your name/logo ensures that your business can protect its brand against infringement and make sure it isn’t misused. Businesses need to have an identity which is unique and appeals to its customers, thus trademarking a logo will help safeguard the business.

Compliance & Investment related

When a company is bringing in investors, there are several formalities that need to be completed in terms of redistributing shares, filing forms with the ROC, etc. Why pay penalties for non-compliance when we can manage it for you so that you concentrate on your business?

Company Information-Alteration

A lot of companies invest a lot of time when there are alterations in the company activities during the life-cycle. These include tasks such as changing the company’s registered office, directors, MOA, AOA, etc. We take on this task for you, offering complete solutions.

Mandatory Compliances-ROC

The myth that most business-owners believe in is that if there are no transactions in a year, no compliances apply to them. However, just by virtue of being a Company or an LLP, you needs to file certain documents as per the Companies Act. Let us create and maintain these documents and file the necessary forms with the ROC so that you do not lose yourself and your business in these papers.

Pre-Recruitment, Selection, Appointment & Manpower Planning

This involves working closely with the business heads in selection of employees through a robust process, budgeting for growth and manpower costs. We help organizations to recruit the best talent available so that the business grows and employees prosper.

Manual & Handbook Preparation

Employee Handbook
This acts as a valuable communication piece for both employers and employees; it contains important information such as the organization’s mission and vision, policies, procedures, benefits as well as the communiqués.

Policy & Process Manual
A Policy Manual contains a detailed explanation of the company policies to a new employee. A Process Manual explains the standard operating rhythm of the organization which enables efficient, uniform, effective, and uninterrupted functioning of the team.

Documentation (Offer, Appointment, Leave, etc.)
The documentation process involves creating, updating, and maintaining all documents pertaining to an employee in his tenure at the organisation. This includes everything from an Appointment Letter to the Exit Interview. This also includes the maintenance of personal records in relation to every employee and his tenure with the organization

Setting Performance Management systems

We set up the performance management system in an organization, which involves specific KRAs, defining KPIs, and creating a performance management mechanism to ensure that appraisals, recognitions, rewards and career growth decisions are scheduled, unbiased, and system driven.

Training, Talent Management & Succession Planning

We help organizations in identifying the areas of improvement in an employee’s abilities, skills, and knowledge which helps an organization to achieve its performance targets. This is done through our training programme which empowers the employee as well as organizations to have higher productivity levels. We also help identify key performers and support them with a dynamic training & development program so as to add value to an individual. We play a key role in enhancing their potential and thus assist organizations in filling key positions in leadership roles.

HR Compliance

This involves the HR team undertaking steps to make sure the organization & its employees are complying with relevant laws and regulations.

Redressal and Grievances Handling

We put in place a set process for employee grievances and a redressal system set for employees. This can be done in line with the best practices being followed by corporations.

Reporting and Dashboards

We analyse attrition, manpower costs, open positions, productivity analysis, loss of revenue due to human resource, etc. These analyses are then highlighted to the senior management through MIS reports and Dashboards on a regular basis so that the right screws can be tightened for effective and efficient working of the company.

Record Keeping

We keep a track of records which are necessary from everyone. This includes Key records such as Investors Details, Investment analysis, records mapping, etc. Since such records form core of any reporting, we help separate the useless data from useful and usable ones.

Document Review

We provide review of documents from two points of view : Accounting & Taxation. We act as a trigger for fund manager to point out which clauses in documents would create a tax or an accounting implication. In this dynamic market, challenges are unlimited. We love being part of things wherein we provide foresight for Fund Managers/Venture Capitalists.

Accounting and Book Keeping

How about end to end solution for book keeping compliance and maintenance point of view? This includes basis accounting system, maintenance up to audit finalisation and constant updation of the accouting policies as per changes in the requirements as changing policies. We currently provide and have provided the such services for any form of fund, management entities and any SPV. And it is not limited to LLP, LLC, Pvt Ltd and Trust.

Fund Accounting

Fund accounting differ from accounting and/or book keeping in many forms. Accounting transactions and provinding them at investor level for base level analysis and investor MIS. We customize formats as per fund’s/funds’ investors requirements which help in automation and systemising the process for smooth functioning.

Investor Reporting

As mention earlier, We provided end to end services by which we mean right from preparing MIS for Investors. This includes drawdown notices, intimation of any activity as per fund documents, KYC, etc. Here also, we would like take opportunity and point out that we have prepared quarterly reports (excel based) thus showing

Drawdown details, Investment details, expenses details, capitals account, etc at investor as well as fund level. Our motive here is to save various costs for fund as a whole which includes developing and managing reporting system.


We understand the compliance complexity of fund and its Management entities. We have been doing same for a decade now. We assist in fund related compliance both directly and indirectly. The compliances are required for Income Tax, Service Tax,etc. We also indirectly assist in RBI and FEMA related compliance.


Valuation is the need of the hour. Not valuating a company at the right time can result in a huge potential loss. Our experience in the field of Valuation serves many purposes namely for investor reporting, exit and internal as well as external compliances.on a Quarterly or Yearly basis. We have provided Discounted Cash Flow Valuation for a number of entities and n number of times which are used for RBI compliances.

Financial Projection

We would like to mention these as special point from two angles namely Entry and Exit. We have expert knowledge and hand-on experience in provided linked bases projection thereby allowing user with outstanding number of variables. Preparing and Analysis the Financial Projection for various industries in large is our strength which is due to our expertise of providing long term service to similar companies in the sector.

Additional Services

We provide additional services related to operation, accounting and compliance of portfolios. We have carried on various projects and assignment with respect to portfolio companies wherein our personnel is stationed at portfolio companies of the fund and assist them on day to day operations.

Why Us

The Finalyzer Edge


Join us for a more sensible commute

Our Values

Our company’s philosophy is entirely client centric with a sharp focus on providing long term benefits to our clients and maintaining long standing relationships with them.



Analytical Rigour





Jr. Accountant - Position OPEN

Our company is looking for an energetic, detail-oriented person to be a Jr. Accountant at Finalyzer’s office.
The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:

Computerized accounting programs
Accounts payable and accounts receivables
Bank Reconciliation
Vendor Management
Preparation of financial statements
Administration of employee benefits

The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills:

Accounting and book keeping skills.
Effective verbal and listening communications skills.
Excellent working knowledge in Tally – latest version.

The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:

Computerized accounting programs
Maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties
Be honest and trustworthy
Be respectful
Should possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
Be flexible
Demonstrate sound work ethics

How to Apply
Please send a cover letter and resume to Please put “2015 Jr. Accountant” in the subject line.

Sr. Accountant - Position CLOSED

This Job Position is Currently CLOSED! However you may email us your resume and we will consider your application as an when this position is vacant.


The People Behind Finalyzer

Paarth M Bhatia Our Founder Mr. Paarth M Bhatia is a passionate and ambitious individual with experience in Treasury Market. He has in depth knowledge in the financial markets where he has worked for 7 years with focus on analytical skills. During his tenure with Thomson Reuters he has spearheaded the growth and business of the Treasury division handling banks and top corporates for South Asia. At ICICI Bank, he has worked with the top corporates providing services in Forex, Risk Management, Research, Valuation and Syndication.

He holds Master in Business Administration degree with specialization in Finance from K.J.Somaiya College of Management Studies. He has a keen interest in the game of bowling and delivers guest lectures on finance at several B schools.

Amrish Thakkar Mr. Amrish Thakker is numbers’ man. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession but an EXCEList by work. He has proven track record of a decade in the financial industry having worked with ABN Amro and Aptech. He is recognised by the clients for customized services in Taxation, Accounting & Auditing. He firmly believes in the idea of collaboration and customization thus treating every business distinctively.

He loves the game of Snooker and is a die-hard Biker. In his free time he loves watching movies or is found doing adventures in unknown locations. He has also a completed a certified course on Financial Management from L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research.

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