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Financial Services

A complete package wherein we work for you and your business. Leave your needs and worries in our hands and we will offer you a hassle-free outsourced CFO Service.

Healthy book keeping is the base to any business. All the processes and procedures of a company are based on book keeping. We understand that not only is this the most important aspect of your company’s regular functioning, but is also considered to be the most stressful aspect by most companies especially startups. However, this is our passion and we ensure that everything is synced to relevant accounting standards legally.

We help you design a tax favourable process so as to keep both, you and your employees, happy. This allows you to escape the worries of payroll management and your employees receive a boost in motivation

Petty cash can easily amount up to a significant chunk of your expenses. Most start-ups end up spending a lot on petty cash and also resources in its management. When managed well, these resources and money, can otherwise be used for the company’s growth and expansion.

As your business grows, the complexity at various levels increases. We set up processes that are robust and customized to your needs, which will cope with the additional requirement of the system. Understanding the payment cycle in detail and scheduling of automatic payments relieves a lot of stress and saves a lot of money

As per the regulations, a company’s financial statements must adhere to the established norms. Our experts have extensive experience in the preparation of financial statements and they execute each job with fine accuracy.

We help you set standard processes.But what about the money? When does it come in and where does is go?
Often the inflow and outflow do not match due to various factors and investing them at apt opportunities (i.e. in business or outside) is the question of the hour. We work very closely with you so as to create an optimum cash flow across the organisation structure and minimize your receivable-payable mismatch. Your growth is our only priority.

We provide services like cheque preparation, invoice creation, filing of documents and being compliant.

We assist start-ups, SMEs, andmultinationals with effective management of their local and foreign taxes so as to suit their business operations. While some consider this a challenge, we find it to be quite rewarding.
We at Finalyzer, provide assistance on a wide range of direct and indirect taxations – not limited to TDS, Service Tax, Value Added Tax, and Professional Tax.

The important aspect of ECB Structuring is to provide low cost borrowings in meeting the fund requirements of the corporates. ECB acts as an additional source of financing for expanding the existing capacity as well as for fresh investments. We understand our clients’ diversified businesses, their operations and the factors impacting their wealth. Our customized risk approach techniques find a solution to hedge your foreign exchange denominated loan which reduces the cost of funding. Our team tracks all the market news, important indicators and the factors that influence the currency movements.
Some companies are unaware that their business is impacted by foreign currency movement which also affects their competitive position in the market. Small companies remain completely hedged or unhedged depending upon their decisions on the volatility of the currency fluctuations. We consult our clients to take effective decisions based on their business profile, risk taking ability and market conditions.

Structured & Syndicated Finance provides flexible and customized financing solutions for strategic projects. We help you structure complex financing which includes cash-flow based acquisition financing, expansions, project financing or real estate financing and syndicated loans. We have a team that specialises in these services.

Bank charges these days are changing at a very fast pace and they vary with the bank. We guide you in the current dynamic environment and even represent your company to negotiate the banking charges which are levied to fund and non-fund services offered by the bank.Wealso evaluate the interest rate arbitrage between long term ECBs and term loans.

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