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Forex & Risk Management

We provide you with daily updates on the FX market and help you with treasury audits. A Treasury Audit highlights the gaps which should be addressed while managing Forex Risk. Thus it helps to analyse your position and manage your Foreign Exchange Risk

Some businesses do not have the expertise to be online and monitor global events. We offer you Risk Management services like formulating a Risk Management Policy so as to have a compliant and stress free environment. With our Treasury outsourcing, we manage the complete treasury of your company. We have regular meetings with the management to highlight and showcase the complete picture of current position. Our custom cloud-based monitoring platform allows you to track the position of your company in real-time, even on the go.

Research is the backbone of any form of consulting. We provide a range of research solutions like macro-economic factors, feasibility study, fundamental analysis, technical viability and market demand analysis. We also offer customised research report service which is provided on a daily basis coupled with a weekly roundup.

24 hours, 365 days, you are online everywhere, every time, and on every device. We guide you with technology based offering for market rates which are real time.

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