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Human Resources

This involves working closely with the business heads in selection of employees through a robust process, budgeting for growth and manpower costs. We help organizations to recruit the best talent available so that the business grows and employees prosper.

Employee Handbook
This acts as a valuable communication piece for both employers and employees; it contains important information such as the organization’s mission and vision, policies, procedures, benefits as well as the communiqués.

Policy & Process Manual
A Policy Manual contains a detailed explanation of the company policies to a new employee. A Process Manual explains the standard operating rhythm of the organization which enables efficient, uniform, effective, and uninterrupted functioning of the team.

Documentation (Offer, Appointment, Leave, etc.)
The documentation process involves creating, updating, and maintaining all documents pertaining to an employee in his tenure at the organisation. This includes everything from an Appointment Letter to the Exit Interview. This also includes the maintenance of personal records in relation to every employee and his tenure with the organization

We set up the performance management system in an organization, which involves specific KRAs, defining KPIs, and creating a performance management mechanism to ensure that appraisals, recognitions, rewards and career growth decisions are scheduled, unbiased, and system driven.

We help organizations in identifying the areas of improvement in an employee’s abilities, skills, and knowledge which helps an organization to achieve its performance targets. This is done through our training programme which empowers the employee as well as organizations to have higher productivity levels. We also help identify key performers and support them with a dynamic training & development program so as to add value to an individual. We play a key role in enhancing their potential and thus assist organizations in filling key positions in leadership roles.

This involves the HR team undertaking steps to make sure the organization & its employees are complying with relevant laws and regulations.

We put in place a set process for employee grievances and a redressal system set for employees. This can be done in line with the best practices being followed by corporations.

We analyse attrition, manpower costs, open positions, productivity analysis, loss of revenue due to human resource, etc. These analyses are then highlighted to the senior management through MIS reports and Dashboards on a regular basis so that the right screws can be tightened for effective and efficient working of the company.

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