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Venture Capital & Private Equity

We keep a track of records which are necessary from everyone. This includes Key records such as Investors Details, Investment analysis, records mapping, etc. Since such records form core of any reporting, we help separate the useless data from useful and usable ones.

We provide review of documents from two points of view : Accounting & Taxation. We act as a trigger for fund manager to point out which clauses in documents would create a tax or an accounting implication. In this dynamic market, challenges are unlimited. We love being part of things wherein we provide foresight for Fund Managers/Venture Capitalists.

How about end to end solution for book keeping compliance and maintenance point of view? This includes basis accounting system, maintenance up to audit finalisation and constant updation of the accouting policies as per changes in the requirements as changing policies. We currently provide and have provided the such services for any form of fund, management entities and any SPV. And it is not limited to LLP, LLC, Pvt Ltd and Trust.

Fund accounting differ from accounting and/or book keeping in many forms. Accounting transactions and provinding them at investor level for base level analysis and investor MIS. We customize formats as per fund’s/funds’ investors requirements which help in automation and systemising the process for smooth functioning.

As mention earlier, We provided end to end services by which we mean right from preparing MIS for Investors. This includes drawdown notices, intimation of any activity as per fund documents, KYC, etc. Here also, we would like take opportunity and point out that we have prepared quarterly reports (excel based) thus showing

Drawdown details, Investment details, expenses details, capitals account, etc at investor as well as fund level. Our motive here is to save various costs for fund as a whole which includes developing and managing reporting system.

We understand the compliance complexity of fund and its Management entities. We have been doing same for a decade now. We assist in fund related compliance both directly and indirectly. The compliances are required for Income Tax, Service Tax,etc. We also indirectly assist in RBI and FEMA related compliance.

Valuation is the need of the hour. Not valuating a company at the right time can result in a huge potential loss. Our experience in the field of Valuation serves many purposes namely for investor reporting, exit and internal as well as external compliances.on a Quarterly or Yearly basis. We have provided Discounted Cash Flow Valuation for a number of entities and n number of times which are used for RBI compliances.


We would like to mention these as special point from two angles namely Entry and Exit. We have expert knowledge and hand-on experience in provided linked bases projection thereby allowing user with outstanding number of variables. Preparing and Analysis the Financial Projection for various industries in large is our strength which is due to our expertise of providing long term service to similar companies in the sector.

We provide additional services related to operation, accounting and compliance of portfolios. We have carried on various projects and assignment with respect to portfolio companies wherein our personnel is stationed at portfolio companies of the fund and assist them on day to day operations.

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